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Schmetz Chrome Stretch 90/14 5 pcs


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Schmetz Chrome Professional Grade needles are made for Sewists, Quilters, and Embroidery Enthusiasts who are sewing faster and more intensely than ever before. Schmetz stretch needles are perfect for sewing elastic materials, stretchy fabric and highly elastic knitwear. These needles feature a specially designed eye, medium ball point and scarf which prevents skipped stitches. These needles will work all household sewing machine brands and types for which needles with a flat shank are required. Most Schmetz needles include two color-coded bands just below the shank. The top color code indicates the type of needle and the lower band indicates the size. Schmetz Stretch Needles will have a yellow color code on the top band. The lower color band on these needles will be different for each size. Five (5) needles per card. Needle System 130/705HQ.

Benefits of sewing with chrome needles:

  • Chrome resists heat
  • Chrome resists wear
  • Chrome will stay cool longer with reduced stitch distortion
  • Chrome aids the thread to pass through the needle eye with less friction and less heat build-up
  • Chrome allows the needle to pass through your fabric with less resistance than traditional needles