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Singer Garment 3-Piece Care Repair Tool

The Singer Wardrobe Repair Essentials kit comes with three essential tools. The Sweater and Fabric Comb helps make garments look like new by easily removing lint and fuzz. Simply hold fabric taut and brush the fabric comb lightly across the material. The Snag It Repair Tool helps lengthen the life of garments by easily fixing snags in sweaters and other knit or woven fabrics. Insert the tool’s pointed end into the snag and repeatedly push or pull the snag into place, stretching the fabric gently to adjust fibers. The Knit Fix Repair Tool easily fixes snags. With the latch open, gently push the tool from wrong side of the fabric, pick up the snag, close the latch and pull it to the wrong side of the fabric.

Each package includes 3 piece repair tool