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Sue Spargo Eleganza EZ41 Size 8 Thread Canteen

Sue Spargo's Eleganza Perle cotton collection is designed to meet the specific needs of hand stitchers, embroiderers and embellishers. Eleganza is made from 100% Giza 88, the highest calibre extra long staple Egyptian cotton. Fibers spun with this fiber create a thread of extreme softness, strength and luster. An extra 15% twist has been incorporated into the design of Eleganza resulting in a thread of superior stability, uniformity and sewability. Eleganza is double gassed and mercerized to eliminate build up of lint and snub, largely enriching the appeal of stitchery. Sue has designed a bright, saturated color palette along with a unique line of variegates. Eleganza's collection of variegates contain extra short variegations in order to provide rapid color change on small scale designs. 

Eleganza Sue Spargo 8wt Solid Cotton Thread 70yd Canteen EZ41

Use Gold Eye Milliners #3 & Chenille #24

Great for wool applique, hand embroidery, sashiko, crochet, knitting, crafts.